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Oh the day in the life… I realized maybe I should give a few updates since I hadn’t in a while. This week marks the beginning of Wedding Season for Timeless! I will be in STL photographing two wonderful friends of mine that are finally getting hitched, Christina and Carlos!!! I am VERY excited about this wedding not only because it will be a college reunion for all of my UCM buds, but because Christina and Carlos chose me out of all the wonderful STL photographers to come and do their wedding! Also I am excited because my childhood preacher, Pastor Bob Ingle, will be doing their ceremony and it will be great to see him!

The studio has been very busy ending with 2012 seniors and beginning to start with 2013 kids as well! Shout out to you Juniors it is NEVER to early to take your senior photos so you don’t have the pressure of getting them done before you graduate🙂 I posted a few photos below of some of my favorite shots from the past few weeks hope you enjoy!

Off to do more editing and finish this Almond Joy Iced Coffee! MMMMmMMMM!

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This photo shoot was a very special one for me not only because I was able to photograph one of my very best friends and her family, but also because I was able to do it at this time in their lives.

Background story: Sarah, the oldest daughter, has been one of my best friends since elementary school. She was one of my giggly girlfriends that I had sleepovers with and stayed up late at campouts in her parents backyard every summer. We grew up and went off to college, but one thing didn’t change: our families have always been each others. Just like we shared everything else, her little sister was like my little sister, her parents were just like my own ( I probably would have given her my brother if she would have taken him). So when Les, her dad, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a few years ago it hit me as well as our other close friends not to take life and your loved ones for granted.

Back to the present. When Sarah asked me to do a session with them I was ready to do it that day! Although I had to wait a couple weeks we got in a great evening to do their shoot out her parent’s home.I get chills just looking at some of the images and seeing how much love surrounds those four people. Looking at the photos of Les you can really tell how much he loves all 3 of his girls. This is why I do what I do and I love my job.

Thank you Sarah, Elizabeth, Jackie, and Les for letting me capture these images for you. Love you all!

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You will have to bear with me on this post. There is a little bit of a background behind these images. Simone is one of my very dear friends that I have known since middle school. When she married James we all knew that there would be a time that they would have to move away from the area, but last year when she said they were going to Hawaii … WOW to far! This was right after we all found out that she was pregnant with Bryndal. So we (my friends from home and her family) all missed the birth and the first few months of Bryndal’s life. When James found out he was going to Afganistan for a year Simone decided to move back to Missouri and raise Bryndal here while James was gone for a year. I was lucky enough to get to photograph their beautiful family the day before James left. That is why these images are so special. Hope you enjoy them.

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This was definitely a shoot for troopers. This was one of the hottest days starting this 2011 summer, but Rachel and her husband John were ready to get some quick pics with the kids before sundown and bedtime. I think we got some great ones, and also funny ones that truly bring out the individual personalities of the kids… OK mostly Caden. haha. Thank you Kurzweil Family for braving the heating and hanging out with me to get some fun photos!

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This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to photograph my cousin and her Now HUSBAND’s small country wedding. It was perfect and SO them!!! Thank you Courtney and Dustin for letting me be a part of your big day. I wish you both nothing more that happiness for years and years!!! To view more click here: http://timelessimagephotography.zenfolio.com/p235838130

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Well Friends, baby Case is growing up!!! The little guy just had his 6 month old photos! Can you believe it?!?!? We had a fun and quick family shoot on a beautiful Friday afternoon! Check them out! http://timelessimagephotography.zenfolio.com/p8311509

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A month or so ago my Aunt asked if I would like to do a photo shoot for her family and of course I said YES! So the family met up at one of the local parks in Belton for a fun time before eating some of my uncle’s AWESOME pork chops! The photos turned out GREAT! Thanks again for letting me do them for you🙂 To view the rest go to: http://timelessimagephotography.zenfolio.com/p374280563

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